Thursday, October 9, 2008


Let's see...what to write about...moving sucks. The journal, I mean. But ya know, it's for the best--there's more to do here. I like it--I've been photo blogging here for a while, now I'm gonna have to blog with words here too. I hope transferring everything is easy--I have 3 AOL ones I have to do...not including my private journal AND Bum's story blog too. Damn...that's a lot of crap to move. I'm not worried about the pics from long ago--I was using Photobucket before I was even blogging. It's 3 wait, 2...under different screen names. Ewww. But it'll get done, and I'll move on. It's not like I've been writing a lot lately anyway....too much going on for me to stop and write about it. Like financial crises, birthdays, school, and lots of work. But I'm still here...

til next time...=)