Sunday, January 28, 2007

da survey from england

1. Where were you when the ball dropped for 2007?
Downtown Scranton, watching the First Night fireworks.

2. How did you get the idea for your my space name?
My nickname is NeeRee, and I'm a mom, so put the two together....

3. What are you listening to write now?
TV and GameCube in the other room.

4. Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry?
Don't think so.

5. What color underwear are you wearing?
White with orange and blue polka dots.

6. Do you live in a zoo?
Oh yeah.  Am I the zookeeper?  Nope--he  I'm just one of the trainers.

7. What did you do this morning?
Got up late (8am), since it's my day off.  Made coffee, went outside and had a smoke, then watched a movie (since the kids weren't home yet).

8. What does your mom do for a living?
Nada--she passed away 11 years ago.

9. Where do you work? 

10. What are your favorite smells?
Coffee, vanilla, chocolate, or a combination of all 3.

11. What are the last two digits of your phone number?

12. What was the last concert you attended?
Van Halen back in '03...when they got back with Sammy Hagar.

13. Who was with you?
Joey, his two brothers, one of his brother's friends, and the other brother's girlfriend.

14. What was the last movie you watched?
Dogma...see #7.  If you didn't see it, do.

15. What do you dislike at the moment?
The bank--I want my money!!!

16. What do you crave right now?
See #16.

17. Did you dream last night?
I don't think so...if I did, I don't remember it.

18. What was the last TV show you watched?
See #14...before that, Viva La Bam that I recorded, I think.

19. What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
The necklace Bum got me for's the only thing I wear.  Oh engagement ring is the all-time fave.  Don't know where it is

20. Name someone on your Top 8 who is just like you?
*gulp* My sis, I guess.

21. Who is your best friend of the opposite sex?
Joey, of course!

22. Who last IM’d you?
Aldo, aka!

23. Are you on any medication?
I wish...I might be soon, being that I'm making a dentist appointment get them DONE!!!!  Go Vicodin!  YAY!

24. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
The right side...that way I don't wake up on the wrong side...lmao.  Kidding--the left side.

25. What color shirt are you wearing?
A royal blue Columbia pullover.  I've had it for YEARS.

26. What color is your razor?

27. What is your favorite frozen treat?
Alcoholic--Oreo Cookies (vanilla ice cream, loads of creme de cacao, and oreos).  Non--Turkey Hill Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream.

28. How many tattoos/piercings do you have?
One tattoo of a moon on my ankle.  3 holes in each ear, though nothing's in them right now.

29. What are your favorite stores?
Target (for the hello kitty!), and wherever there's a sale.

30. Are you thirsty right now?
Nope--got my coffee sitting right here.

31. Can you imagine yourself ever getting married?
I dunno...I've had the engagement ring for 8 years...

32. Who’s someone you haven’t seen in awhile and miss?
My mom and sis.

33. What did you do last night?
See third paragraph in last entry.  That and work.

34. Do you care what people think about you?
A little, but if they can't accept me for who I am, well, screw 'em.

35. Have you ever done something to instigate trouble?
Yup, and it's soooo much fun!

36. Do you like your nose?
I guess...I don't think about it too much...

37. What color is your room?
Antique whitewith beige trim...but hopefully not for long.

38. When was the last time you worked out?
Are you kidding?  Me? Work out?  HAHAHAHA.  1993, I think.

39. Do you like pedicures?
Never had one...but would like to get one...any takers?

40. Where do you live?

41. Are you an aggressive driver?
My one friend/co-worker/neighbor says I drive like a maniac...does that count?

42. Who is your cell phone carrier?
Don't have one yet...but maybe Virgin Mobile, Cingular or Verizon.  Haven't decided yet.

43. Do you like the person who posted this last?
Yup...she's cool!

44. Do you know their birthday?
Can't remember...damn!

45. What is the thing you’d most want to change about yourself? My teeth, but that's gonna be soon!

46. What color is your car?
Hunter green.

47. What do you smell like right now?
I can't

48. What is your favorite color?
Blue and purple.

49. Do you like mustard?

50. What do you tell yourself when times get hard?
It'll get better?  I dunno!

51. Would you ever sky dive?

52. What do you sleep on?
That thing made up of a mattress, box spring, and put pillows and blankets on it...

53. Have you ever bid for something on eBay?
Yup...lots of stuff.  Won some too.

54. What do you think of Angelina Jolie being pregnant?
Who cares.

55. Do you enjoy giving hugs?
Of course...I like getting them too.

56. Would you consider yourself to be fashionable?
Not a chance...can't afford fashionable.

57. Do you own a digital camera?
Of course!

58. What celebrities have you been compared to?

 59. What does your 19th test message say?
See #42.

60. How ’bout your 30th?
Once again, see above.

61. Who did you hang out with last night?

62. What are you doing this Saturday?
Working...maybe...or shopping.

Damn, that took forever.

til next time...=)

waiting game

This is killing me.  I want so much to do it, and I can't.  The means are there, but I can't get them.  I can look, but I can't touch.  Until tomorrow, that is...then I go nuts, and you might not see me here for a few days.

But in the meantime, I'll show you what I made the other day...pumpkin muffins and chocolate chip cookies!

They were goooood.  For the muffins, all I did was take a pumpkin bread batter and put it into cupcake cups.  Put a little butter on them, let it melt, and mmmm.  I was going to make cupcakes too, but I ran out of cups.  Damn.  Next time, I guess.

Last night was the embarrassing moment for the year for Joey and I.  We went out to eat, and when I went to pay for it, the waitress came back and told me the credit card was declined.  I know the money was there, and I didn't have any cash on me--if I did, I wouldn't be using the card in the first place...duh.  I actually had to call my father-in-law to get the money...and had to drive to his house to get it--and leave Joey at the restaurant in the  He said he's never going back there again...I felt like such an idiot.

Anyway, back to the original subject...I can't wait--to go SHOPPING!  I got my W-2s Friday, went to Jackson Hewitt (who was waiting for me), and yesterday I got my check.  Let's just say the amount is nice, and we're buying all new stuff for the house with it.  The only problem is that we have to wait until tomorrow for the majority of it to clear, since I deposited it on Saturday.  Then we get to go on a mad shopping spree. WOOHOO!!!

One more thing...did everyone stop reading, or did everyone become like me--a lurker?  Just

til next time...=)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

going down!

Just a few things today, since it's my day off, and I know y'all miss me (yeah right).

We got some snow overnight...the local snowblower contest (1st inch of snow) was officially over at 3am.  This is what I woke up to this morning...

And this.  Well, actually, these were taken after I took the kids to school.  Hence, the car being cleaned off.  The wind blew a lot of it away too.

Tomorrow's going to be worse, with the morning low hovering around 7 or 8.  With wind chills, they're saying 0 to 15 below.  I seriously hope they have a delay...and to think--I have to take Bum to school in this, with her allergy.  Keeping her home would be pointless, being that I'm working a straight shift (10-6) tomorrow...and she would have to walk over for Dude in the afternoon anyway.  So I'm going to try and get e-time for that period, or have Joey's brother pick them up or something.  I dunno.

Took pics of the Princess the other day.  Right after she got a bath.

In other news, I got a little star-struck the other day while on my work split.  I was on my way to get the car out of the garage, and who happens to be walking into the same one, but Paul Sorvino.  You know, the actor?  He's shooting a film HERE.  Anyhoo, I rode in the elevator with him...and was completely DUH.  Other than saying hi, I was stupified.  You don't see that many stars around here (well, the Poconos, but that's another story).

So that's my week so's yours going?

til next time...=)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

this and that

Nada going on here in KKWorld.  Just your typical boring week, with a few exceptions.  I'm off for the weekend, and it's f-f-f-r-e-e-e-zing.  As you can see from the WeatherPixie on my sidebar, it's f&*#ing cold, and the wind makes it feel worse.  So no outside for Bum.  Got our first real snowfall last night, but nothing the record's still

Speaking of Bum,  you'll never guess what she did...okay, I'll tell you.  She stuck herself with one of her Epi-Pens the other day.  Heard about it when I came home on my split (more about that in a sec)...Bum had stayed home on Tuesday (she didn't feel too good), and Joey was cleaning (like he normally would be).  Next thing you know, she's yelling for him, telling him she can't breathe.  She turned white as a ghost, her throat was closing, and her arm was turning all sorts of red (she pricked herself in the thumb).  So he calmly picked up the phone and called 911.  They sent an ambulance, who checked her out, and said she'd be okay...just that her thumb would be sore.  They also told him that the reaction she had from the Epi-Pen was just like what she'd have during an actual allergic reaction.  In short, that was a learning experience...

About the split thingy...I decided to change my tour preference to split shifts last week.  Meaning I'll work half a day, have a 3 1/2 hour lunch, then go back and finish the day later.  Why?  Well, that way I can pick the kids up from school, and pick him up from work (he can get a job this way).  I'll start at 9am (after taking the kids to school), work til 12:30 or 1pm, come home, then go back around 4 and work til 8pm.  Not bad.

Other than that, not much going on.  Just waiting on my W-2s.  Then the fun begins...

til next time...=)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Your Monday Photo Shoot: Pick a window in your home. Take a picture out of it. We're looking at things that are close to home this week.

I just HAD to do this one, since I paticipated in the very first can see that entry here.  Since then, I've moved three times, and moved in the blogosphere three times--twice in j'land.  So the scenery has definitely

I chose my bedroom for this shoot.  This is looking up the street, towards the old neighborhood (since I only moved four houses down)  In the background, there's a building--that's the kids' school...that's how close it is.

Being the overachiever (and suck-up, but that's another story) I am, I have two windows in my I had to take a pic from both, since they look in different directions.

Can you see the windmills on the mountain?  I can't, but they're there.

til next time...=)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

consider this a warning

Weekend Assignment #147: Make a Warning Sign For Everyday Life. Because life needs warning signs sometimes.

Extra credit: Ever ignored a warning sign you should have paid attention to?

Here's mine...

I know, I know--it's not really true, but if it was...mwahahahaha!

Actually, with the events of today, I made a new one.

As for the extra credit--of course, we all do.

til next time...=)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

411 junk

I was debating on whether I was going to do this.  But I've been collecting them since...Christmas Eve.  There's a lot here.  I've weeded through them, and I'm posting the best of the best--I  Here goes...

Sweet Meat Stix
Lil' Suckers Children's Apparrel
Baby Janie's Dirt Snatchers
Ebbets Pass Gas Service
Rich Moneymaker, Attorney at Law
Heart Attack Grill
Couch Potatoes Only

Knots Landing...and NUTS Landing (what the caller was actually looking for)...both in Encino.

Stupid's Pizza Pub (saw this one and immediately thought of Jimmy)

Some quotes:

Said by Paula, one of my co-workers (on Christmas Eve): "These people are just incredibly STUPID.  I'm not asking for Einsteins, just people with an IQ higher than a CEREAL BOX!"

A call I had, also on Christmas Eve:
Caller:  Can you tell me what bank I use?
Me:  I'm sorry, but this is 411--I can't help you.
Caller:  Well, can you tell me who can?
(Lay off the booze, dude.)

Another ridiculous interaction (and this happens all the time):
Operator:  Is this a residence or business?
Caller:  Oh no, it's a restaurant.

Which leads me to yet another rule for 411:  Businesses are pretty much anything except homes.  This includes restaurants, doctors' offices, hospitals, churches, grocery stores, etc.  Anything that makes money, with the exception of the government.

Well, that's that...

til next time...=)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

come on out of the shadows

 Found out from Paul, who found out (and who the pics are from) from Paper Napkin.


It's National De-Lurking Week! 


I'll come out if you do...


So say hi!

til next time...=)

Monday, January 8, 2007

pastry chef wannabe

Yesterday, when Nikki was here, Joey and I decided to seriously torture her...with FOOD.  He made pasta with his family famous (and highly guarded secret recipe) sauce...mmmmmm.  He was going to make some focaccia for her to take home (ask and I'll post pic of that), but changed his mind later...too much.  Me being the creative baking nut, I couldn't decide between cupcakes,  banana muffins, pumpkin muffins, or chocolate chip cookies.  I ended up making these:

That's right...I made cupcakes.  But not just any cupcakes, hell no.  They're blue vanilla cupcakes, with either pink vanilla icing, or chocolate icing.  Yup--got the mini-crock out again...this time to dunk some cakeage. 

Oh man were they good.  So good in fact, I didn't stop there.  Made more chocolate covered bananas, but this time I thought before I did them...and bought skewers.  Made them bite-size too.  Mmmmm.  Nikki took some home, and they enjoyed them too.

By the way, Nancy asked me how I made the chocolate dip...simple!!!  Just take some chocolate chips (I used semi-sweet--any chip will probably work here), put them in a double boiler (or get a mini-crock like mine), add a little butter (the good kind!).  Watch it, stirring every once in a while, until fully melted.  If it doesn't look too happy--meaning it's just a blob or something--add some more butter, or a little sugar water (ratio--12 tsp sugar to 10 oz water) to it...until you like the consistency.  Dip away!  I learned the sugar water trick when I worked at Krispy Kreme...worked like a charm to thin it out a

til next time...=)

Saturday, January 6, 2007

pics for the week

Just thought I'd show some pics of the past week.  You know the mini crockpot I told you we got?  Well, it got its first use this week--with CHOCOLATE!

I made chocolate covered bananas...and they were GOOOOOOOOD.

The next morning, I woke up early (school sucks, even when I'm not the one who's going), went outside and found this.

Turned a little to my left and got this nice one too.

Today, since I'm off the whole weekend (hasn't happened since November), I decided to make the family rounds.  Went to my aunt's house (which I haven't seen in years), and realized she isn't really losing her's just water on the brain (I think).  Then I headed off to my sister's house.  She got a new dog--a pom!  I want one...just like this one.

Got some pics of the grand-niece, Mariah...

And grand-nephew JJ.  He kept closing his eyes for the flash, and this was the best

My niece Nikki's here now, and she's taking advantage of all the stuff Bum got for Christmas, especially since Bum's not  The kids will love having her for the day tomorrow.

til next time...=)

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

first pic...kinda

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Put up the first picture you took in 2007.

Well, it was the first pic I took this's just a coincidence that it's  It's the fireworks at First Night Scranton 2007.  Right at midnight.  Enjoy...

*If it doesn't show, you can go here to see.

til next time...=)

a little late, but...

Happy New Year!

Sorry I didn't post sooner, but like I've said before, WORK SUCKS.  I worked New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, and I'm working today too.  But before I go to work, I decided to post a short one.  New Year's Eve was fun...we went to First Night again--this year was Bum's idea.  She liked it so much last year, she was bugging us since the start of the  Figures--the one who can't really be out in the cold is the one who seriously wanted to go this year.  Anyhoo, this year we got the in-laws to go too, and had a great time--they want to go next year too.  Our cousin, Kerri (on the right in the x-mas pic with Bum below) went too, and had lots of fun.  The highlight of the night was this:

Bum got to participate in the magic show!  This magician was awesome--we saw him here last year too.  I got the fireworks on video too--that's my first pic (if you want to call it that) of the year, so I'll be posting that later as my Monday Photo Shoot entry...when I finally get it

til next time...=)