Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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See the new thing on the sidebar? It's my Twitter update...I'll update on there from work...that'll be fun. I'll let you know what stupid things people say or want me to find there...lol.

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Monday, December 29, 2008


It went well, actually. On Christmas Eve, the kids got to open their presents from me and Joey. They all received an outfit, then Dude got a mp3 player, and Bum got a cell phone. We still had some shopping to do...we were doing that until almost 6pm--when all the stores closed...it was nuts! The kids had yet to see Santa, so we went to the mall, but by the time we got there he was gone. Luckily one of the ladies working the Santa photo booth took their letters and said she'd give it to him right away. *wink wink*

We decided to go to Mom's house for dinner, despite the fact that we knew Ass would be there, among other family members we would like to see fall off the face of the earth don't like to associate with. It was funny...we got there early and immediately headed for the dining room. When the unmentionables showed up, they stayed in the living room until we left. In fact, after we loaded our gifts into the car, we went back in the house--that's when they ventured into the dining room to eat...lol. That was the highlight of my day...well, that and seeing the kids' faces in the morning...and when the kids said the gifts we got them were better than what Santa got them...lmao. Would that mean we outdid ourselves?!? LOL.

The downside of the day was that I had to work. I had a late shift (as I always do), so it wasn't so bad....just people mostly looking for movie times, liquor stores (aren't they closed on the holiday?), and relatives they KNOW are in the phonebook (they weren't). At one point I wanted to pull out my hair, tie it around my neck and choke myself with it. Yay.

So how was your Christmas?

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I posted a few pics over at Pics of Craziness...go look! And merry Christmas, although it's a little late...today's the first day off I've had since Christmas Eve...yuck.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

super woman

That's what I felt like Wednesday. You know, for it being my day off, I did more work that day than I do at work. I don't think there was a moment that I wasn't doing something. The day started off normal, with getting the kids ready for school, then going out to work my corner.

When I came back, Joey was ready to go the ER. He was having pain in a tooth since Sunday--one that broke a few months ago while eating a chip. Turns out it was abscessed, so he got it treated--they drained it...he cried. He got a morphine shot afterwards...woohoo. He was fun the rest of the day--laughing at the stupidest things, walking all wobbly, etc. Good times.

Then we came home, and I came on here to read and stuff. Then I had to work my corner again. After that, I had to make cookies for Dude's Christmas party today (kind of a waste, since the kids didn't have school...more on that later). Then we had to get ready for Bum's Christmas concert...I was in charge of the refreshments, so I had to be there early. We went, had fun, heard some good music, and watched a bunch of fifth-grade kids and families go nuts for cupcakes, cookies, and drinks. Within 20 minutes, there was virtually nothing left of five pounds of cookies, a full sheet cake, loads of other goodies, and drinks. But I did good...yay.

Finally, when it was all over, I took the mom-in-law home, then went home myself. It was about 9pm by this time...bedtime for the kids! Then I realized I still had to get Joey's meds...had to pay about $60 for those, since he has no insurance. I keep telling him, all he has to do is sign a piece of paper (marriage certificate)--then I can put him on my insurance. No way, he says. Oh well...lol.

And that was my day. Whew...I'm tired just typing it.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


You like the new look? Brandi turned me on to PSP, and that was it. Ta-da! Let me know what you think...

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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Did you ever know a person who is a pathetic case? You know, the one who attracts so much attention to themselves that it makes you sick? One who is annoying to the point where you roll your eyes when you hear their voice? I work with someone like that. I will not say the name of this person, but if someone I work with reads this, they'll know who it is. And if she reads this...well, let's just say I'll have a 30-page letter sitting on my desk the next day. Let me tell you a little story...

The immaturity of this person reminds me of my kids...hell, she puts my kids to shame--and they're more than half her age. My kids have more consideration and appreciation than this person does--they can teach her a thing or two.

Why? Well, she has a car with major problems, and about 3 months ago she decided to take it to her friend's house--about three hours away. It broke down, and she hasn't got it back yet. So now she depends mostly on co-workers to get back and forth to work. The one time I brought her in, she was quiet the whole time...ok, maybe she wasn't in a good mood. Nope--the minute she walks into work, she perked right up as if nothing was wrong. The ride home wasn't any better--she spent the entire ride (about 30 minutes) on her phone. How rude! Of course, I never gave her a ride again. That wasn't the only reason though--my car isn't in the best condition. I don't like to overload it...meaning I'll only give one person a ride. One night, someone else asked me and I said ok. "Pathetic" had already secured a ride, but was able to leave early, so she asked me. I told her no, since I had told someone else I would. She got pissed off, then stormed off. When we went out to the car, she was out there having a cigarette. We said bye to her, and we got the silent treatment. That was the end of that...or so I thought.

I have been getting said silent treatment for the past two months and counting. Unless you count the snapping of her fingers at me to get my attention. GRRRR...that so aggravates me. The first time she did that was for a ride (nope, since I had to pick up my nieces and nephews on the way home), then again the other day to tell me something she did on MySpace involving me. Wonder if she realizes I deleted her from my friends list? LOL.

She doesn't take her job too seriously, either. I've told you what I do for a living...you sit there for 8 hours, with a headset on, taking requests from customers looking for phone numbers. The calls come fast and are over quick. And you can't have your cell phone on. At all. Anyhoo, a couple weeks ago my manager comes up to me and asks me about getting yelled at for texting. Huh? What the hell is she talking about? I tell her no, and she tells me someone told her that. Hmmmm...I wonder. Coincidentally, the day before, I told a mutual friend about how I saw "Pathetic" talking on her phone while she was online (and ignoring customers) a few times, along with texting. Stupid me shouldn't have done that--as soon as I was done talking to her, she went back and told "Pathetic" what I said. Probably went and told my manager what she did to cover her own ass. That way, in case I did go tattle, it would look like I was doing it because she did it first. Oh well...

So that's my story...feel free to comment. I'll update if anything new comes out of this.

til next time...=)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

turkey day

This is gonna be a long one, so let me start off with a little about the characters. Joey's mom (Mom) has heart disease, and has for quite a while. Joey's brother (Ass) is an alcoholic who has a somewhat violent (stupid) side when drinking. Now some history--Mom and Ass were in a car accident back in '02 (he was drunk), the stress of it causing her condition to worsen to the point that a heart transplant was ominous, and would continue to get worse until transplant day. Now to the present...

About three weeks before Thanksgiving, Mom found out that she was going to need a pacemaker, and was going in for surgery soon after the holiday. Everyone in the family is concerned, but okay with it--we all knew it was coming. The exception being Ass.

Late that night he came to our house (drunk), demanding to talk to Joey. I met Ass at the door, telling him that Joey was sleeping (which he was). He then started shouting at me, trying to tell me Joey was cheating on me, that I didn't care that mom was going for surgery, that I was the reason for her condition (by my kids visiting her--he claims I pawn them off--actually, she cries when they don't come), etc. (Joey, in the meantime, was awoken by the yelling, but didn't come out, only because if he did, he would have just knocked Ass down the steps, resulting in him going to jail.) Then the kicker--he tells me he's going to get a shotgun, and kill our family. I had my phone in my hand with the police dialed, and was just about to hit "send" when a cop was at the bottom my the steps. Turns out Joey called them from in the house when he heard all the yelling, knowing full well who it was outside. Ass turned into a big baby when the cops came...whatever. They arrested him for drunk and disorderly, and his girlfriend (who was with him) bailed him out.

The next morning, while we were getting the kids ready for school, the phone rang. I answered...it was Ass again, saying again what he had said last night, about the gun. I called the cops this time, and they came to the house and took a statement...they're pressing harrassment charges, and we're going to court soon.

Fast forward to Turkey Day. Ass was going to be at Mom's house, as well as another family member we'd rather not be around. So we opted to cook dinner at home, complete with turkey and all the fixins. Even pumpkin pie. Yum. As for Mom, she called once to talk to the kids, boohooed a little, and that was it. A nice, relaxing day eating lots of food, watching football, and spending time with the kids. Couldn't ask for a better holiday.

As for Mom, she had the surgery...all went well, and she's doing a-ok.

til next time...=)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

my arm was twisted.

Fine. I got a comment from someone (you know who you are...lol) to update. Dammit. I haven't updated in so long...only because I haven't really had time to. Not like there's nothing to write about...duh. Let's see...I...

--got a second job...
--did 2 birthday parties, including a sleepover (you think I would've learned from the 1st one)
--did Turkey Day at home...that's an entry in itself--both the day and the reason we stayed home
--didn't transfer my private blog from AOL, so everything will be out in the open now.

Let me start by saying I have been reading, just not commenting...I'm officially a lurker these days. I've been totally busy, with both jobs, the kids, and sleeping. Actually, the only reason I'm on here tonight is because it's my day off...from one job, anyway.

What's the new job, you ask? I'm a crossing guard at the school. It's not an easy job to come by, but this one pretty much fell into my lap. The person who was doing it got a new job...she knew me, knew I was available, and she needed me to do it for her the very next day. Of course I said yes...who the hell would turn down a $20 per hour job?!? I mean, it's only an hour a day total, and it totally works with my schedule at Verizon. Yeah, I'm still there too, driving 40 miles round trip each day...for 13 bucks an hour plus fully paid benefits, can't stop doing that one either. The only downside of the crossing guard job is the weather...standing out there in the cold and rain and snow...it sucks. In fact, the first day I did it, it was awful--cold, wind, and a rain/snow mix. But it's okay...I like seeing the kids in the morning--their smiles make it SO worth it.

Hmmm...what was next--oh yeah, the birthday parties. Acutally, they both went pretty good. We downsized this year, due to the fact that we're broke..lol. Bum had a few friends over, along with the family...all went well with that. Dude had his video game slumber party--meaning we moved his Wii out into the living room, so he and his friends could play on the big screen. That went better than expected, since her sleepover two years ago wasn't pretty.

Speaking of the monsters children, they're doing awesome. Both Bum and Dude are doing well in school, and still driving me nuts...when I see them, anyway. Brayden (still haven't come up with a permanent pseudoname for him yet) is getting big...he goes to the doc tomorrow. He's got two teeth already...and he bites like a son-of-a-bitch (wait, that makes me a bitch...okay cool). I gotta get some new pics of them...I'll put them up on the other blog.

As for the transfer, you can see that I didn't have a problem with that. I didn't transfer the unknown private blog only because I didn't see the need for it. This boring blog is for everything--however good, bad, or ugly it can be. But it's all me. Don't like it? There's a little "X" in the top right-hand corner. Anyhoo...

So there. You-know-who twisted my arm and made me post. I feel better now.

til next time...=)