Sunday, April 23, 2006

moving day

Too tired to walk from one house to the other (a mere 30 feet)

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I know this one's gonna hit a nerve with one of my readers...only because it has to do with her.  But to protect the person (and out of respect), I won't mention names.  That and she's my friend--you know who you are.  But this is my personal journal to document what happens in my life, both good, bad and ugly. So here goes... 

You all know how the owner of our house gives us the task of renting out the apartments, right?  Well, as I've said before, there's three of them now, and we've been getting a lot of calls for them.  I happened to mention this at work, and "Friend" asked about it.  We talked about the apartment, and she said it would be good for her, since she was looking for a smaller apartment, anyway.  So eventually, Friend, her boyfriend, and her son came to look at the apartment (the one we were moving out of).  Her son was playing with our kids in our new apartment, while we were shooting the shit.  Then Friend, boyfriend, and I went over to the old apartment to fill out the application, while Son, our kids, and Joey stayed over the new house.

Within five minutes, Joey sent all the kids over to the old house.  No biggie, I thought.  After she left, however, I found out why Joey had sent them over.  In the time we had been over the other house (5 minutes), Son had knocked the closet doors off the tracks (by throwing himself into them), thrown toys at my kids, and almost stepped in one of the paint pans (while running around the house).

I was furious.  If Son had done this much in so little time, what would he do if they lived there??  How would the tenants below them react to the noise of him running around like that?  There was no way I could rent it to Friend, and I felt I had to tell her this.  Other people told me I should lie to her, telling her that the landlord said no or something.  But hiding the truth doesn't change it.

So the next day after work, I told her what I thought.  I told her I couldn't give the apartment to her.  When she asked why, I told her straight out it was because of the way her son acted while she wasn't in the same room with him.  I mentioned what went on when Joey was left alone with the kids.  I said that not only would I be her friend, but also her landlord, in a way.  I would be the one to tell her that the other tenants are not happy with the noise coming from upstairs, and I would be the one having to answer to the owner for the destruction of the apartment.  I couldn't do it, so I didn't even send her application in.

Her response?  "He's only 5."  "My sister's kids are a bad influence on him--that's why he acts the way he does.  That's why I want to move out of the apartment."  My kids NEVER acted that way, especially in someone else's house.  No offense, but that's a sorry excuse.

After that, she said what I didn't expect--"I don't want it now anyway--I don't want to live in a house where other people are going to tell me how to raise my kid."  And she stormed off.  She hasn't talked to me since.

I guess sometimes the truth hurts, but I had to do it.  I did it because I'm her friend--if I wasn't, I wouldn't have even mentioned it, or I would have lied to her.  Oh well...

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

before and after #3

Bum's room before...

...and after.

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At work on Friday, we had an Easter egg decorating contest. 

Guess who won?  Me, with my horny

I won a nice bunch of tulips...woohoo!  I would take a pic of them, but all the petals fell off, so it wouldn't make for a nice pic.

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rainbows and sunsets

During our time at Auntie's house, I got some nice pics.

Here's one of the rainbow.

And the sunset.

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Last week, Joey's uncle lost his battle with cancer.  He was 81.  Everyone took it hard, especially his wife of 55 years.  Joey was a pallbearer at the funeral--that's why he's dressed in all black (in previous pic).  Other members of his family came in from Indiana.  After the ceremony, the kids played in Auntie's backyard.  Here's a pic from it:

Before today, they had never met.  It was awesome.

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Just some pics of Home Fry's Easter party.

Here they are eating their snacks.

Playing "Magic Ball".

And finally, their Easter egg hunt.

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Home Fry had an Easter Party last week, and I got volunteered to make cupcakes for the occasion.  So here they are!

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before and after #2

Home Fry's room before...

...and after.

And that's just the beginning.

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my new heroes

This is (was) my new hero...we heard there were mice, but didn't see any.  That is, until we started painting in the new apartment.  Ewww.  The paint fumes chased them into our house.  They're gone now (we think), but we caught about 6 of them.  The exterminator put traps down, and they did their job.

The first night we saw one, Home Fry saw it, got his bat, and was trapping the mouse in the kitchen while Kikko was chasing it down.  It was so cute!  He fell asleep with bat in hand.

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did you miss me?

Yes, I'm back.  You know, I had 429 e-mails in my mailbox.  429.  I deleted them all, only because if I read them, I would lose my mind and my house would not get finished.  So if you don't see comments from me, don't get mad.

I'll start you off with this one...a pic of Joey.  The big one, that is.  Shhhh...he doesn't know I'm posting this...hee hee hee.

This was the other day after his uncle's funeral...more on that later.

more to come...

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Friday, April 14, 2006

little hiatus

Sorry I haven't written in a while...I'm just leaving this so you guys know that I'm not dead or stopped writing or anything.  I'm lost without this my puter!  Thing is, my phone was turned on at the new house last week, but my DSL won't be turned on til next week.  Go figure.  So I'm still here, just not writing.   I haven't been reading either...I can just imagine all the e-mails I have, since I haven't read that since some time last week...OMG.  I'm afraid to

Anyway, I'll be sure to make up for lost time...I have LOADS of new pics, a school easter party, a funeral, Easter, and more to write about!  Be back on the 20th (maybe before...who knows when they'll have that hooked up)!

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Sunday, April 2, 2006

vroom vroom

While on my photo taking spree, I FINALLY got a shot of the car.  Here it is...

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first before and after

Here's our new porch before...

...and after.

And that's just the beginning.

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scavenger hunt #68

Category: Plastic...go play!

I almost didn't get this in time--been cleaning (and taking pics along the way).  But in the process, I got this week's item!

My entry for this week is the plastic bags (of garbage), along with some other stuff, taken from the porch of our new apartment.  The old tenants were supposed to come back during the week to get rid of it, but we didn't want to look at it anymore.  So there you go!

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I'm moving...from here...

to here.

Yes, we liked the other apartment.  Yes, it's 3 bedrooms.  And yes, we're getting it for the same as we're paying in our current apartment.  YAY.  We're painting the new one, and we're eating the cost for the paint.  I took before pics...I'll show you them when it's all done.

Speaking of moving, now the house is completely empty except for us.  That's right--the one who moved in LAST MONTH snuck out last night (or tried to, anyway). Joey told me he saw a U-Haul out there...she probably thought we weren't home, since I took the car to work.  The reason?  She says there was a cat pee smell in the house (coming from the basement).  She only mentioned it to us a little over a week ago--not enough time to take care of the problem.  Oh well.  So now we have 3 apartments to rent.  Cool.  The bad part is we have to clean them, too.  Ugh.

til next time...=)