Sunday, November 26, 2006

turkey day

Turkey day went ok...went to the in-laws' house.  Ate, looked at old pics of Joey (lmao), and sat and bullshit the rest of the night.  No pics, but we had some fun.  But we made sure we were home in time for Grey's Anatomy...that is some good stuff.

I don't usually go Black Friday shopping.  I learned my lesson a few years ago, when a 10-minute drive to Walmart took 2 hours. Never again--until this year.  Lowe's had a pre-lit tree on sale for $25, and we needed a tree, since the cat peed on our last one.  Got up at 4am, got up there by 5, only to find out they didn't open until 6...the flyer said 5 (we weren't the only ones who were there, so I didn't feel like an ass).  To pass the time, we went to Dunkin' and waited in line only to find out they didn't take credit cards.  Damn.  Went somewhere else and got coffee, then headed back to Lowe's, to find a small crowd was there.  When they did open, we went in, got our tree, and got the hell out of there.  We were home by 6:15.  Kicked myself in the ass, though...found out we didn't have to go up so early--by late afternoon, they still had the trees.  Dammit.  But at least we got one.  Yay.

So that was my holiday.

Btw, it looks like we're not moving today, since the carpets STILL aren't laid.  Damn.  More on this when I get the info.

til next time...=)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

how it's goin

Just some updates...the painting's coming along (slooowly), but I should be able to get it done tomorrow, being that I'm off and all.  The carpet guy should be coming Friday, as well as the satellite guy.  Moving days are Sunday (major stuff) and Monday (the rest).  Everything else is either on already, or going to be by Monday.  Woohoo.  I'll have pics of the rooms when they're all done.

Since I was asked (by only one, but that's enough for me) to make the 411 thing a weekly entry, I guess I can oblige.  But I forgot to do it last Saturday, since I was painting.  And I probably won't do it this Saturday, since moving sucks.  So here we go...there's a lot of them.  And these are just the ones we found...

Wonkers Bonkers
Dr. Ashkock
Dr. Manlove
Hurts So Good Tattoo
Casper's Funeral Home
Blonde Genius
Tinkle Bell
Holy Cow
Philthy McNasty's Bar & Grill

and for you dog lovers...
Indiana Bones & the Temple of Groom
Snip Doggy Dogg

Which leads me to my next 411 rule...I think this applies to all 411.
Rule #2: You are charged for the search, not the results.

What does this mean?  Well, when you call 411, you want us to look for a number.  That's what we get paid to do.  But if it's not there, you can't get a credit because we didn't find it.  We still did all that we could to get the number for you.  So we provided you a service, even if you didn't get what you wanted out of it.  So don't bother asking--the answer's no.  One more thing--hanging up in the middle of a call does not mean you won't get charged--you're actually charged when you hear the recording say "What city and state?"  After that, there's no getting out of it.

Just thought I'd pass that info on...anyhoo...


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til next time...=)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

the before riddle, part one

What do you get when you mix this...

...and this...

...with this?

The answer sometime this week...

til next time...=)


Everything's going good...the electricity's on at the new house, the new allergist eased our minds (a little) Thursday, and yesterday was payday.  What made my day better was coming home and finding this on the fridge:

Yay.  Happy day.

til next time...=)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the new supermarket...

I stumbled across this earlier...I HAD to post it.  As if soda specifically marketed to kids wasn't bad enough, look where you can buy it...

Not the Butt one--I know that's HEB (a 411 customer told me).  But Pubics???  Yeah, I know it's supposed to be Publix, but c'mon--doesn't anyone proofread their webpages?  And I didn't alter this in any way...go to the site and see for yourself.  Duh...

til next time...=)

Monday, November 13, 2006


Just a little footnote about the last entry...most of the calls we get either (a) can't be understood by the recording (either from whatever accent, or having a dick, food, etc. in their mouth), (b) already know they (a), and automatically ask for an operator, or (c) are callers that just want to bitch at us.  Either way, for us it means only one thing--we get the rejects.

In other news, I'm taking the PA State Civil Service Exam tomorrow...I want (and need) another job!  If my sister (who took it a few months ago) is right, I'll pass with flying colors, and I'll have a new job by January.  Wish me luck...

til next time...=)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

411 hell

Oh. My. God.  Is it time to go home yet?  Oh. My. God.

This is the thought that went through my head today.  It seemed like all the looney tunes came out of the woodwork for the holiday, and decided to call 411.  And they all have Cingular Wireless.  Some thought we were psychic--we were supposed to know what they were looking for and where, before they said anything.  If we didn't, they went psycho and called us every name in the book.  And to make matters worse for me, THAT came within an hour after the start of my shift.  Oh happy f'ing day.

Anyhoo, I've been saving these all week for you--weird stuff we found!  *applause*  Here we go...

--Jugs & Strokers, a truck stop in New York.
--Happy Hookers Towing, in Oregon.
--White Trash Charm...dunno what or where this is.
--Thai-tanic, in DC.
--Dr. Slaughter, a dentist.
--Bud Weiser Chevrolet, in Illinois.

And since Turkey Day's coming soon, here's a couple to start:
* Squat & Gobble, a cafe in California.
* Feather Your Nest, a home store in Arkansas.

I might make this a weekly thing...dunno.  Let me know what you think.

til next time...=)

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

another new journal

But this one's not mine.  Well, it's under my name, but I'm not the one doing the writing...Bum is.  I figured if she wants to tell stories, I'll let her have an outlet for it.  I proposed this to her this morning-- when I got home from work, she was waiting at the door for me, notebook in hand!   It goes like this--she writes, I type.    Go look, and let me know what you think!

til next time...=)

Monday, November 6, 2006

new addition

This is where we went my brother-in-law's house.  To see baby!

l-r.  Dude, cousin Sunny holding new cousin Madison, and Bum.  Made me want to have another one...LMAO--no way.

til next time...=)


I had to post this pic again, since it shows almost as much excitement as I have:

We're moving!  We're staying in the area, but we're moving!  We saw the house on Saturday, and the owner called us back today.  We're moving!  Ironic, especially since the building manager came today and had the sink and door  We gave him our 30-day notice, and voila!  We're moving!  We'll be out by December 1st...but like I said, WE'RE MOVING!!!!


new journal

This one's going to be more personal...and private.  I haven't written anything in it yet.  Let me know if you want in...

til next time...=)

Saturday, November 4, 2006


Did you vote yet?  You only have until Monday!

Whatchoo waitin' for?  Vote for me!  I even updated my pic for you!

til next time...=)


Oh--about the other day with the visit with the principal.  Bum wasn't doing her homework to the point where it was getting to be a problem--she already had lunch detention twice this year.  So we had a conference with the principal and her teacher.  Her teacher said Bum is one of the brightest kids in her class, but she's always talking to someone while the teacher's trying to...well, teach.  She's always trying to get someone's attention, wheter it be the teacher, or the other students.  In fact, the only time she's good in class is when she's isolated.

Then the storytelling subject came up.  The reason she's not doing her homework?  She's helping her younger sister with hers--that's what she told her teacher.  We told them the storytelling has been a problem for years, and not just at school.  They apparently got the wrong idea, and asked her more questions, as well as pulling Dude out of class and asking him as well.  You know what they were thinking...!    Anyhoo, we weren't happy with that, so I called the school and was like "what the hell?"  But from what they tell me, that's standard procedure.  The principal proceeded to tell me that some kids who are abused tell stories do it to make up a false reality--to cover up the real one.  That's why they pulled Dude out of class--to ask him what's going on at home.  But since there was nothing going on, they didn't do anything.  Ok, I guess.

til next time...=)

just some catching up

The above was made last night (it's brownies!), since the kids wouldn't be here today.  His b'day is the other reason I took my vacation this week--that way I'd be guaranteed to have it off.  I'm taking him out to dinner later.  I know you don't read this, but happy 31st birthday, honey.

Today we're going to look at an apartment down the street (actually, 1/2 block) from where we are now.  It's a 3-bedroom, and it's supposedly a little bigger than this one (and cheaper!).  The owner of that one used to own this one too--a while back.  He's a cool guy, and he's not from out of state--he lives in the house next door.  Wish us luck...

til next time...=)

Thursday, November 2, 2006

not again!

This is gonna be a little long...bear with me.

As some of you might remember, this time last year, we had a girl living in the apartment downstairs from us who loved to turn her music WAY up.  At all hours of the day and night, sometimes until 2am.  We tried to tell her about it (which did nothing), we told the owner and he told her about it (at the time), called the cops and THEY told her about it (which kinda did nothing).  We finally took her to the magistrate, and gave her a fine (which again, did nothing).  What did finally stop it was her moving out--she got evicted--not for the disturbances, but for simply not paying her rent.  Bitch.

Anyway, back to the's the same thing, but with a twist.  The neighbors downstairs from us now are doing the same thing.  Joey's not feeling so good, and I was tired.  So we turned in early, but not for long.  Seems as if they got drunk (they like to do that often--there's more to that), and started with the music.  Not too loud, but enough to hear it upstairs, with the bass vibrating the bed a little.  And you probably know, the last thing you want when you're sick is to be disturbed and pissed off.  So, since we're not the building manager anymore (the new owners stripped us of that), Joey called the owner herself.  In New York.  At 10:30pm.  He didn't care--we've told lady about her musical disturbance more than once before, and apparently that didn't stop her from doing it today.  So what does the owner tell him?  "What do you want me to do?"  DUH--take care of it...NOW.  So she tries to call them--the phone's busy.  Hmmm...too drunk to notice the phone's off the damn hook.  When she calls back, Joey just starts going off on the owner...omg.  He's on a roll--mentioning that our front (and only) door doesn't shut and lock right.  Our bathroom sink has the water turned off, since it leaks.  Our cabinets are falling apart more by the day.  And now this?  For $xxx???  You've got to be kidding!  She tells him that it takes time to fix things, especially since they just bought the house less than a week ago.  His reply--"Well, it didn't take that much time for you to raise the rent, now did it?"  (Keep in mind, they owned the house for about 6 hours when they were here with the new lease.)  Anyway, that was that, and the music eventually stopped (they probably passed out or something).

This morning, Kim (our cool new neighbor I didn't tell you about) came up this morning wondering what was banging up here, since she could hear it in her apartment next door.  Joey started telling her about the night before, and next thing you know, you hear lady screaming out her bathroom window, "I WASN'T BLASTING MY FUCKING MUSIC LAST NIGHT."  Exact quote.  Mind you, Bum was standing on the porch during this.  After that, she started with her music again, this time turning it way up, then down, then up again.  Joey called the cops, and they took our statements, and they were on their way.

My take on this?  Oh man--the gloves are off now.  Wanna fight?  Bring it on.  Both lady and the owner.  Just gives us more reason not to stay...and we'll have fun while we're waiting to

til next time...=)

Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Just some pics from y'day.  Here's the weirdos--I mean kids--with the pumpkins I carved for them...

No way can I trust them with knives--they'd probably go after each other or something.  Here's what they looked like lit up--



He wanted it to look like the one from Halloween...I guess I came close.  Next year, I'm watching the beginning credits to the movie, and burning the song (can you call it that?) to a CD.  That'll be fun to watch.  I might even make a video like  I think we're going to stay home next year...then again, we said that LAST year too.

Speaking of trick-or-treating, the kids made out pretty good--they were out for a couple hours, hitting all the nice (wealthy) neighborhoods in the area.  About halfway through, they started complaining about how heavy their bags were getting.  I told them if they couldn't carry them, then we were done and going home.  When asked if they were still too heavy, they replied...NOOOOOOO...lmao.  There were a few houses they wouldn't go near...that was funny, since I'm the one who took their bags to the house, pointed to the kids standing at the end of the block, and got their candy for  I also told them that's how I want to do OUR house next year, and they're all for it.  Cool.

So that was my was yours?

til next time...=)