Monday, July 30, 2007

change of events

    You know, finally something might be going our way...kind of.  The landlord changed his mind about evicting us, but didn't come for the rent yet...and we had it over a week ago.  He hasn't called us about it since know, I'm not going to hunt him down and remind him that his money is sitting here waiting for him...if he wants it, let him come get it.  And I want receipts for all of it...just in case he tries to pull this shit again.  And we're still looking for another apartment...spare us the drama.

    And we're still going on vacation on Tennessee.  In 11 days...WOO.HOO.  I went to work last Monday and gave up half of my vacation days that week so I could make the money for the rent, etc.  Then my brother-in-law (you know, the one I can't a point, anyway) called Joey said we would only need half of the money we originally needed, and we can pay him back after the trip.  Don't worry--the next day I got the vacation back.  So we're going...and I'm SO looking forward to it.  Yeehaw!

    I know what you're thinking--OOH!  Things are turning around for you guys!  Nope...just a small change in scenery, then back to the same old crap.  Keep in mind, my hell months are just around the corner, starting with back-to-school shopping, followed by birthdays and Christmas...nooooooooooooooooo.

til next time...=)

Monday, July 23, 2007

the i's have it

The "I" in me....

I Live:  in Pennsylvania...where it's cold and raining right now.

I Work: doing wireless 411
at Verizon (not VZ wireless).  But for how much longer...who knows.  I like my job.

I Talk: see above...I'm on the phone ALL. DAY. LONG.

I Wish:  things were better, and people would stop pulling the rug out from under us.

I Enjoy:  having time to myself, and taking the family on little outings, like the pool and the park for the day. 

I Look: like the semi-toothless wonder...but not for long...=D

I Find:  that my friends help when they can.  They help by listening.

I Smell:  when I'm in such a rush in the morning, I forget to put deodorant on...ewwww.

I Listen: to lots of people and their situations...and help out whenever I can.

I Hide:  in the house on my one day off a a hermit.

I Pray:  that things will get better.

I Walk:  to the store.  Sometimes in the rain.

I Write:  my grocery list, then leave it at home and forget what I needed.

I See:  lots of things, including some that I'd rather not see.

I Sing:  in the car, at the top of my lungs.

I Laugh:  to keep from crying.

I Can:  do lots of things...

I Watch: my kids grow up right before my eyes, unfortunately.

I Yearn:  to own my own house.

I Daydream: about how much better it could be.

I Fall:  in love again everyday.

I Want:  to not worry about what tomorrow's going to bring.

I Cry:  a lot these days.

I Burn:  if I'm in the sun too long.

I Read:  computer screens all the time.

I Love:  to bake.

I Rode:  lol...I'm thinking baaaaaad on this one.  bwahahaha

I Sometimes:  wonder what it would be like not to worry about anything.

I Hurt:  when my family hurts.

I Fear:'s the anxiety talking.

I Hope:  tomorrow's better than today.

I Break:  the car.

I Eat:  whatever I can.

I Bathe: daily!

I Drink:  coffee, and lots of it.

I Stop:  people from yelling at being calm (or at least sounding like I am).

I Save:  whatever I can.

I Hug:  whoever needs one.

I Meditate:  when the kids aren't home.

I Play:  Wii Bowling.  And I'm good!

I Miss:  my mom.

I Hold: until you tell me to let go.

I Forgive:  all the time.

I Drive:  a Pontiac Grand Am.

I Learned:  that nothing comes without a challenge.

I Dream:  about everyone getting along.

I Have:  an awesome family.

I Don't:  take anything for granted.

I Made:  brownies yesterday.

I Believe: that good times are right around the corner...

I Wait:  until that day comes.

I Need:  too much to mention here!

I Owe:  more than I have.

I Hate:  people who mean to me because they can't see me (at work)

I Feel:  lots of love in my family.

I Know:  I am loved

I Wonder:  what would have been....

I Applaud:  everyone's triumphs

I Love:  everyone!

til next time...=)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

down the drain

    Why does it seem like every time things are going good and the wheel is spinning so nicely, that something or someone comes along and throws a stick into it and screws it all up?  This happens literally all the time with me...all is well, things are going perfect, and then all hell breaks loose.  And nothing goes as planned.  You know, I always think the worst is going to happen...and unfortunately, it does.  Here's my latest evidence to support this theory.

    A few months ago, we (the family) were offered by the in-laws to go to Memphis with them in August.  Of course, we said yes.  I put in for my vacation for it (three weeks from now), got all the bills caught up so I could save money for the trip.  Even my teeth are on schedule to come in next week (FINALLY!  that's another story, though) in time so I could eat the ever famous barbecue.  The wheel was turning ever so perfectly.  Then the stick comes...

    Friday.  I was getting ready to pay my rent (late, but in the same that's not too bad--wouldn't be the first time, but the landlord was ok with it), and Joey calls me to tell me that an eviction notice has been given to us.  WTF?!?  Says that we haven't paid the rent, sewer, or garbage.  Now mind you, Joey talked to the landlord earlier in the week to tell him to come by for the rent Friday--he said no problem.  Joey called him Friday morning to remind him that we had the rent, but his phone was shut off.  No more than 10 minutes later, he's at the door with the notice, along with a note saying I'm playing "head games" with the rent (no clue what the hell that's about).  There is so much more to this...such as the outstanding sewer bill he has (which has nothing to do with's probably from years ago or something...the sewer authority won't tell us) and didn't tell us about until it got shut off for non-payment (last was back on the next day).  Or the garbage bill that we were never told about, since it doesn't come in our's in the owner's.

    So now instead of saving money for my vacation in Tennessee, I'm saving money for the sewer bill (which is a fraction of what he owes, and from what the authority said, might get shut off again for non-payment), the garbage bill, and the rent for August, incase the magistrate ends up siding with him and makes us pay.  And if not, saving money for a down payment for a new apartment...which I might be moving into during my vacation.

Here we go again.....

til next time...=)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

curl up and dye guys are good.  She didn't wear that shirt to school--they're in uniforms.  You all guessed right--it was the hair that got her booted from school on the last day.  Well, on her last day, anyway--they had to go in for a 1/2 hour the next day to get their report cards, and they weren't going anyway.  And the day they sent her home was ice cream day too!  The principal called me at 8:45am--they start school around 8:30.  Told me either I pick her up, or she'll sit in the office all day.  When I mentioned that it was her last day, the principal said it didn't matter--if one child has different color hair, all 650 other kids in the school would want it too...WTF?  Anyway, I was at work when they called me to come and get her...duh--can't leave!  And Joey was still working that day too.  So I called one of my neighbors to go and get her. 

    When I went on my looooooooong lunch, I picked her up and took her for ice Carvel.  It happened to be buy-one-sundae-get-one-free day!  That's better than the little ice cream truck they have come to the school, if you ask me.  And while she was at my neighbor's house, she was surfing the web.  So, all in all, she had a better day out of school than she would have if she was there.  Yeah, they had a class party, but she had YouTube!  lol.

    So that's the story behind the suspension...I'm still laughing about it.  Still haven't got her report card either.

til next time...=)

Sunday, July 15, 2007

overdue pics

Hi there!  Just passing along some long overdue pics.  This first one is what got Bum suspended from school...on the last day.  Take a wild guess as to what actually got her probably won't get

The next one is my niece's graduation...that's a crazy story in itself..I think I wrote about it in the last entry.  And I'm dressed up...hahahaha.

That's it for now...haven't really had time to be on here, working 6 days a week and's not that bad though--I just keep thinking...VACATION.  That's coming up soon...woohoo!

I will get around to reading...I haven't really been online since the 4th of July...when I worked an 11 hour Jimmy would say...YAYYYY.

til next time...=)