Tuesday, February 26, 2008


As you can see from the title, I'm in a good mood. He's home--his plane came in Wednesday night. With him he brought one hell of a flu strain...he had such a high fever that he thought he was seeing bugs on the walls (the kids thought he was nuts), and doesn't remember any of Friday morning. He's better now, but he passed it on to Bum. Yay.

Anyhoo, now we're thinking about how to do the wedding...I know--9 years of being engaged is long enough. We don't want anything big...just a small family and friends thing.

As far as the baby, 30 weeks now and it never stops kicking...I think I'll keep ya in suspense for a teeny while longer....

til next time...=)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

still waiting

Once again, it's 12 hours and counting.  After bitching to the United Airlines agent last night (it was their fault he wasn't home y'day), they finally booked him on an American Airlines flight for 4:30 this afternoon.  Then he'll connect in Chicago, and come home.  His friend gets out of work at 2pm, and they'll drive 1 1/2 hours to the airport in Cedar Rapids.  I'm not thinking positive about this.  In fact, until I hear from him that he's on the plane from Chicago to Scranton, I'm still thinking that he's not coming home today.  I'm tired of thinking that he's coming home today, only to be disappointed and stressed out when I hear that he's not.  I'm watching the websites of both airlines like a hawk today.  So far, so good--they're still on time.  But like I said, I'm not celebrating until he's on that connecting flight.  Wish him luck.

til next time...=)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

help me

I'm THISCLOSE to tears now...he's not home yet...who knows at this point when he will be.  His flight to AVP (Scranton) got cancelled due to crew problems (whatever that means...Brandi!), so I booked him on a flight to Allentown, 2 hours away.  When the time came to get to the airport in Cedar Rapids, there was a jackknifed tractor trailer on the highway, and traffic was at a standstill.  Couldn't make it to the airport.  Had to reschedule....AGAIN.  Tomorrow.  Did that, but now he can't make it to the airport for 3:00pm, due to his friend having to work.  Right now I'm trying to reschedule another flight...wish me luck and...I NEVER ask for this...pray for me (since He doesn't like me...).  I'm desperate here.  I'm losing my mind faster than...than...I dunno.  SEE?!?  Help me...I'm going doooooooooowwwwwwwwwwn...

til next time...=) <~~trying to, anyway

exactly twelve hours and counting

I can't wait.  He called me at 6:00 this morning to tell me he was thinking of me...we talked on the phone for nearly two hours.  Most of which was saying how much we missed each other.  And how soon we can get married.  And other things.  I'm probably going to jump on him at the airport.  Just maul* the crap out of him.  And who knows what'll happen tomorrow, being that I'm off and the kids will be at school....lol.  Gotta make up for lost time, you know.  I know it's been just 9 days, but it feels like forever.  It's the longest we've ever been apart in 11 years.

til next time...=)

*maul--kiss and hug until he pleads and begs for mercy.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Right now I'm sitting here wondering why. 

Why does everything I do have to be a challenge?  Why is it that everything that should come easy, has to have some sort of catch to it?  Why do God and Mother Nature hate me?  Why can't something good happen, without something going wrong first?  Why can't things ever go as planned?  Why do I feel like I can't get anything right?  Why do I have to work harder to get what I want?  Why do I feel as if I have to seriously struggle to get things to go in my favor?  What did I do to become forever doomed?  Why me?

Why am I saying all of this?  He's not home yet...not til Tuesday now.  He was supposed to come home tonight (within the hour, to be exact), but Mother Nature had other plans...

til next time...=(

Saturday, February 16, 2008

one more day

And he comes home!!  I've been going nuts without him here. Otherwise it's been a boring week.  The kids only had one full day of school, due to mother nature.  I made 4 dozen brownie cups for Valentine's Day (which was the only full day they had).  That's the most I did all week.  Today I have to go to work...ewwwwwww.  Then tomorrow night (about midnight, if his flights aren't delayed) I pick him up at the airport.  YAY!

OH OH OH...one more thing--before he left, he said because he was going to a wedding, he might come back inspired.  Well guess what--I got my engagement ring back!

til next time...=)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

he's goooooooooone

Yup...for the week. His flight left at 6:53 am. He's on his way to Iowa for a wedding. Just getting him to the airport was an adventure in itself. Got up at 3:30am, he was up and ready by 4:45. I started the car around the same time to warm it up--it got a little too warm. Meaning it was thisclose to overheating. At 5am. A block away from the house. 20 minutes away from the airport. Icy roads and fog. Now snow. Uh-oh. What to do, what to do...I called my neighbor, Julie. (You know, the one I raved about a year ago for helping us move...) Don't you know she got up, warmed up her car and took us up there in whiteout conditions without hesitation? Yup...she did.

Anyhoo, he got checked in and through security in record time...about 20 minutes. And that was with going through security twice--he had to put something from his carry-on into his other bag. Then he found out he got a window seat. After that, the announcement came over that they had to de-ice the plane. Keep in mind, this is his first time flying...

He should be landing in Chicago around 9:15 my time to wait almost 4 hours for his connecting flight...I'll keep ya posted.

til next time...=)