Sunday, August 11, 2013

I swear sometimes I wish I was a mindreader.

Sometimes I wonder what goes on my daughter's mind.  It's more like 'WTF is/was she thinking'?  That usually happens when she does something stupid, which is almost daily.  For instance, the twit has (or I should say HAD) a phone, and there were certain people (read: troublemakers) who we prohibited her from talking to.  One was an ex-boyfriend, a few were middle school drama queens (she's in high school people...), and one was a drama queen mom/ex-friend of mine who still needed to grow up herself--she gave my 15-year-old daughter the tools to smoke.  That totally pissed me and her dad off, especially him, since he quit smoking.  So when she told her dad (whose plan her phone is/was on) that these people were harassing her, he went and paid for her number to be changed.  Do you believe that within TWO MINUTES, she gave those exact people her new number??  Needless to say, she no longer has her phone.  When we asked her why she did what she did, she had no answer.  We're left scratching our heads...ok, I'm done with my rant now.

til next time...

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  1. OK, I see where you're coming from, Annie. When someone says they don't know why they did or didn't do something, I just DON'T get it. It baffles me. What do you MEAN, you don't know why? How is that possible, LOL? Ok, done with my rant too, LOL.