Sunday, February 15, 2009

school...i mean work.

Where do I start? Pathetic--I mean Squeaky--has done enough crap lately to get her own damn entry. Why the name change? Well, that's how she sounded for three weeks, and just as many excuses why. Let's see...there was the bad infection, a hole in her larynx, and--get this--lack of sleep (she told the last one to an insomniac...lmao). WTF? Here's the kicker--instead of being forced to stay home until she can talk again, she gets the green light to come to work (per her manager)...and get paid to...wait for it...take down the office Christmas tree. There's more to this one--and it's the reason a lot of are pissed--she pulled the same crap story LAST YEAR around the exact same time. Only last year it lasted longer--from Christmas Eve straight through to Valentine's Day. She came in, did some filing and crap, then went home when she felt like it. And the manager ok'd it the whole time. Again, WTF?!? Oh yeah..the part I didn't mention? Squeaky and the manager were like friends...

Other Pathetic news:
--She CHOPPED her hair off--I mean now it's stubble. Her reason? Her mom told her she should...
--She said she might be taking the buyout this year (early retirement from the company), because she thinks people are out to get her. Why? (1)Said someone signed her name for an e-week (like a week vacation, only no pay)--people saw her sign her name to the sheet, and she has unmistakable chicken scratch for handwriting. (2)Someone put a note on her desk, saying she could leave early...then supervisor calls her asking her why she left.
--She's telling people that my friend--the nicest person in the office, imo--is going back to the manager and spreading rumors about people. Ooooookay...
--And last but not least, the one that really pissed me off. She thinks I'm going on to her MySpace, printing pics of her, and giving them to the manager, in hopes that they'll get her in trouble or something. OMFG--she's not worth wasting my time, energy, or printer ink.

Ok--I'm a little happier now...this entry is about two months of crap...I feel better now.

til next time...=)

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