Saturday, April 4, 2009


Haven't been on in a while, but if you read my tweets (see sidebar) and/or looked at my cell phone pic blog, you're probably thinking WTF is going on with the baby? Let me start by saying he's okay now...but he wasn't about a week and a half ago.

It all started when he started throwing up--rocket puke--the one morning last week. I called his pediatrician, and his nurse told me he would call me back. I waited...and waited. I was thinking, okay--this is just from the antibiotic he's on for his ear infection. About an hour later, he started throwing up again, so I called the pediatrician back. The nurse tried to tell me (over the phone) that it probably was some stomach virus that was going around, and she'd have the doc call me back. As she's telling me this, Brayden was getting all pale and couldn't hold himself up. I hung up with her and thought, screw this--we're taking him to the ER. So we did, and they checked him out. By this time, his puke was brown...he hadn't eaten anything that color...and there was a little blood in his diaper...WTF? So they took him back and got him on IV fluids...they had to do the IV in his head, since he was so dehydrated. THEN finally his pediatrician calls me. Too late, I'm already at the hospital--thanks for the speedy call back. They admitted him, and kept overnight for observation, thinking it was either a stomach virus or rotavirus. Meanwhile, he's still puking and pooping blood.

The next day, the on-call pediatrician from the practice ordered an abdominal x-ray for Sir. Afterwards, the doc tells me he has a bowel obstruction, and that he has to be transferred to Janet Weis Children's Hospital in Danville (about 75 miles away). Actually flown there via LifeFlight--that's how serious it was. So I went home to get the kids out of school, drop them off at grandma's, and pick up Joey so we could go down there. When I got home, the phone rang--it was the pediatric surgeon...they were taking Sir into emergency surgery.


I'll finish this later...

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